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Domain Name Registrations - prices (updated)

The selection of a Domain Name for your site is often as critical as the content you have posted on your site for you to have a successful site. There are almost endless possibilities for you to choose.

Most site owners select something that has something to do with the site's business enterprise, organization, or the main focus message. Some people want only the acronym of their business or organization and others want everything spelled out.

As for what can be spelled out, you are mostly limited to the use of the alphabet and numbers. The use of punctuation is limited to the characters of a hyphen or dash, period, or underscore – a blank space is not permitted.

If that selection is not hard enough for you to make, there is a second choice you must also make. That is the Domain Name Extension, such as .com, .org, and .net being the most popular.

You can have multiple domain names using the same first part with each having a different extension for the second part. Some site owners register many of these to prevent others from ‘spoofing’ or 'squatting' the domain name’s site – 'spoofing' means creating another version of the original site not controlled by the original site’s owner. This has been a long standing practice to prevent fraud or other unscrupulous practices on the internet by the site’s legitimate owners. This can become a rather large expense in operating a website – most will only do this for the most popular domain name extensions, if at all.

The prices for domain name registrations can vary greatly between the many service providers. We have selected a company we believe provides the best value for our clients at a reasonable price to provide the registration services.

Listed below are the extensions with a definition of what they mean or intended purpose. The most popular are listed at the top. There a many more than in this list, but we have limited the list to only those being offered by the company we have selected to use.

The acronym of TLD means Top Level Domain. 

As of the date shown above, these are the prices being charged by our selected provider of this service. Parnassus Creative does not add anything to the price we charge our clients for this service.

Extension Current Price
.com $11.95
.net $11.95
.org $9.95
.info $9.95
.co $12.95
.co.uk $8.99
.ca $13.99
.us $8.99
.biz $10.99
.es $11.99
.me $17.99
.in $9.99
.tv $26.99
.eu $7.99
.co.nz $40.99
.de $5.99
.org.uk $8.99
.ws $18.99
.mobi $10.99
.name $8.99
.cc $13.99
.asia $13.99
.me.uk $9.99
.com.co $11.99
.org.nz $40.99
.net.nz $40.99
.bz $20.99
.net.co $11.99
.nom.co $19.99