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Website Terms of Service

Click here for Dream Host's (our service provider) Website Hosting Terms of Service (TOS).

Parnassus Creative has contracted with DreamHost Web Hosting and has agreed to their Terms of Service.

We are reselling Web Hosting Service to you on our Web Hosting Service account.

In addition to the Dream Host TOS, you agree to the following modifications and additions:

  1.  You agree to make your payments directly to Parnassus Creative.
  2.  The length of your contract with us is normally for 12 months at a time renewable annually at the rate we set for your service.  You may pay for more than one year at a time, however there is no discount for doing so.  A shorter length of service period may be approved upon request.
  3.  Payment to us must be completed prior to any start of service.
  4.  Your annual renewal must be paid prior to the expiration of your current service period.
  5.  Renewal is not automatic, you must notify us 30 days in advance if you wish to renew or terminate at the end of your current service period.  If no notice is received, termination of services will be automatically processed.  Our current Contact information is on www.parnassuscreative.com website.
  6.  Each User Account is allowed only one website per account; sub-domain sites are not considered separate websites.  Additional User Accounts on the Remote Hosting Server are classified as individual client user accounts and will be billed as such.
  7.  You will be provided with authorization to use only the Remote Access Panel Controls required for control over your site.
  8.  You agree to provide us with any access credentials required for us work with your site, including any exisiting site(s) on another hosting service you are wanting us to perform any work on your behalf.  We will make all reasonable efforts within our control to safegard this information from those without a clear and definite need to know.
  9.  Domain Name Registration must be completed prior to your website being available over the internet and may be done via any company providing such services:
    1.  If you select to register your Domain Name via our account, you must pay the current rate being charged by DreamHost and must be paid in advance to us.  Click here to view their current rates, This is in addition to your Hosting Service fees paid to us.
    2.  If you select to register your Domain Name via other than our account, you must provide us with the necessary information to be configured on our account and we will provide you with the appropriate information to use with your selected service provider.  We are not responsible for any error in configuration of this data on other service providers.
    3.  It is your responsibility to pay any renewals to your selected service provider prior to expiration, we will not automatically renew your Domain Name Registration for you.
    4.  You may have multiple Domain Names directing to a single site, there is no additional charge for this so long as they each point to the same user account on our service.
    5.  Propagation over the internet of your Domain Name may take several days before it will correctly direct visitors to your site, we have no control over this.
  10.  Termination of our services to you can be made for any or no reason and be done immediately without prior notice to you.
  11.  Refunds for any unused portion will not be made until approved by Parnassus Creative and such refund requests must be presented in writing.  Current contact information is on www.parnassuscreative.com website.
  12.  There will be no refund for Domain Name fees paid via our account for early termination, you however may have your Domain Name Registration be directed to an account on another hosting service provider at any time of your choosing for the remaining unused portion of your registration period, after which your Domain Name Registration will not be renewed through us.  You may transfer your Domain Name Registration to another service provider at any time of your choosing however unused portions will not be refunded.
  13. Additionally:
    1. You will not do anything that puts our account in any jeopardy with DreamHost to provide services to any users of our account.
    2. You will obtain prior permission from Parnassus Creative, or its designated Web Services Manager, of any server-side software you want installed for your user account , this includes all Third Party Software that resides on the Remote Server – some DreamHost Web Service features will not be available to you to protect the services of all users on our account, including but not limited to items that would potentially make changes to Parnassus Creative's account with DreamHost Web Hosting Services.
    3. You warrant/guarantee that you are the copyright holder for all content on your site, or have obtained the appropriate permissions for usage of any content on your site and follow any reuse conditions for this copyrighted content.
    4. Your website purpose or content must not be in conflict with the mission of Parnassus Creative, we reserve the right to not provide our services to anyone of our choosing.
    5. You will provide current contact information to us in the event we need to contact you, including phone, mailing, and email address and will provide updates within 10 calendar days of any changes.
    6.  You will provide courtesy copies of all contacts between you and DreamHost (i.e., Trouble Ticket Requests) to us that may or may not have an effect on the other users of our account or on any other issues related to your user account with us, use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address as the courtesy copy address.  Your first contact should be made to us directly as we may already be aware of the situation and may be in the process of resolving it.
    7. Appeals to any decision to not provide services or which negatively effects your account with us must be made in writing to Parnassus Creative.  Current contact information is on www.parnassuscreative.com website.
    8. Our Spam Mail (Mass-Mailing) policy is the same as that of Dream Host and must be adhered to at all times by all clients of Parnassus Creative. Click here to review Dream Host's policy.

Parnassus Creative is not liable for any service outages beyond our control or caused by any user of our account.  We will make every good faith effort to ensure there is no service outage caused by issues within our control, however we are not liable for any loss of revenue or other damages due to any outage whether or not the outage was within our control.

Terms of Service (TOS) may be updated at any time, your continued use of our services implies your consent to any changes.  The current TOS will be posted on www.parnassuscreative.com website under the Website Services  section and will be effective upon being posted.  While Parnassus Creative will make a reasonable effort to notify clients when this TOS is updated, it is the client's own responsibility to periodically check our website for updates.

Parnassus Creative does provide Website Design services in addition to the hosting service, including technical advice on your site, however you may contract with anyone of your choosing or to perform these  yourself.  You are responsible for the layout, design, and all content on your site and to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, the DreamHost TOS, and our TOS.  The Dreamhost TOS is a separate document from this one and may be viewed at this link: Click here for Dream Host's (our service provider) Website Hosting Terms of Service (TOS).