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Website Prices

Our Website Hosting / Design packages have four basic levels of services and prices within the Parnassus Creative Website Hosting Cooperative. Additional features can be added to any of the levels that include a website. Your site's domain name registration is now billed as a separate charge from the package price you select, click here to read about Domain Name Registrations and their prices. 

All levels include unlimited email accounts using your site's domain name, unlimited sub-domain names, server side MySQL, One-Click Installs of server side programs and features, access to the remote server's C-Panel (only your site's files and features), FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access to your site's remote server files, and many other services and features available in our Website Hosting Cooperative.

Unlike most other website hosting companies that offer low cost introductory websites, we do not charge extra for remote server-side storage above a certain amount as they do. If you have a lot of files to post, we can accommodate you without charging you extra for the remote storage capacity you need.

Also included with all package levels is access to our exclusive Client Help site where you will find a wealth of training and instructional materials for you to learn how to be your own Web Guru allowing you to take care of your very own website!

Level 1 = $60.00Website Hosting only. A place for you to do your own thing!
This level covers one year of hosting on our website hosting cooperative. This is the plan to choose for experienced website designers doing all of their own work. Migrate your existing site to us, save yourself some money and still get all of the top features and services provided by a very experienced hosting service provider with one of the best ratings in the industry!

Level 2 = $120.00Hosting with a simple site template selected from our library. A fully functional website ready for you to add your content!
This level covers one year of hosting, and the installation of a Standard HTML site template selected from our library. This is a great plan to get yourself started quickly and be able to grow as your needs grow. Renewal for subsequent years are at the Level 1 price (Domain Name Registrations not included).

Level 3 = $189.00Hosting with either WordPress or Joomla! platform design template selected from our library. A CMS website (Content Management System) ready for you to add features and content!
This level covers one year of hosting, and the installation of a Joomla! or WordPress site template from our library. Recommended for those not wanting to learn HTML and PHP site programming, most required site design and administration software is included on the remote server, extensive peer group community is online for the resources to grow your site. We will also include several Joomla Extensions not normally included in the basic initial installation of Joomla - see the web page Supplemental Elements: Joomla Extensions for what is currently available as possible selections of the 'free to use' extensions. This is a very cost effective way of having a professional design appearance for your site without the high cost of using professional site designers or be limited to cookie-cutter designs for your site.

Renewal for subsequent years are at the Level 1 price (Domain Name Registrations not included). Additional Value: we will install a number of extra Joomla extensions to make your site more than just the standard installation, these can make your life as the site administrator much easier and your site more appealing to your visitors.

Level 4 = $640.00 and up - Hosting, Fully Customized Site Design, Updates and Maintenance. Basically, you tell us what you want and we get it done! 
Price quote is based upon hosting, site design/setup, and content authoring/updates is at $45 per hour.

Site Migration = If you have an existing CMS Platform site (Word Press or Joomla!) we can migrate your existing website to our hosting service. Our monthly fee to host your site is priced to be competitive to most hosting service providers (see Level 1 pricing). If you want to also move your Domain Name Registration to us, our Domain Name Registration fee is also competitively priced as well - often times only a fraction of many of the more popular providers of this service (see Domain Name Registration Pricing). Domain Name Registration migration is not required just in case you're already locked into a multi-year contract with someone else - your website can still be hosted on our service and the registration can be moved to us later when that contract is ready to expire. We do charge for the actual migration of files, setup, configuration of our remote servers and required files for your site (such as email accounts and database files), however, this charge is based upon the amount of time required to complete the migration, usually about 1 - 2 hours labor. This also includes a site inspection for integrity and quality with a close look at security as well as site design to meet or exceed our standards - yes, not everyone's standards are as high as ours in this arena! Contact Michael to discuss the details involved and get a price quote based upon your situation.

Special Website Packages = Special website packages are indeed packages specifically designed with a site purpose in mind, such as E-Commerce (on-line sales) or like our Auto Dealer package (designed for smaller independent vehicle sales businesses). These are essentially a Level 3 package, however because of additional site theme/template customizations and plugin/extension configurations for the website platform there are additional charges, usually ranging between $50-$100 above the normal Level 3 pricing - see individual package for pricing specifics.

Individual Website Hosting Accounts (not in the Parnassus Creative Website Hosting Cooperative) are available at higher prices than these package levels.

Widget Add-Ons ($45)

  • RSS Feed Displays
  • Auto-Play Multiple Image Display
  • Google Calendar
  • Local Weather Report Display

Supplemental Site Elements (Priced on your needs assessment)

  • MySQL Database (not associated with Joomla or Word Press sites)
  • File Upload Utility
  • Discussion Forums / Interactive Blogs
  • Visitor Surveys / Polls (may use Third Party Service Providers)
  • Access Restricted Sections for your site
  • E-Commerce features including Pay-Pal/Credit Card/Debit Card site visitor purchase solutions